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I think this psychological projection of chocolate delight plays with her pussy own lack of an open minded view of the world outside of your own belief bubble. You exhibit a lack of awareness, and seem dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car be struggling to even discuss other viewpoints.

Unlike fundamentalists, those who embrace critical rational thinking and science, are very open minded, but examine ideas for evidenced support and dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car before accepting them. Lack of acceptance does not imply a lack of knowledge or understanding.

They are not open to having any old long refuted garbage poured into their heads. Folk taking more than their fair share need a good reason like being dirt poor and in need of help.

That is of course once again an irrelevant strawman diversion from the original issue of religious discouragement of contraception for the purpose of creating large families of believers.

Arguing a false equivalence is a fallacy! Gratuitous allegations of anti-Semitism, are just a mentally lazy way of dodging answering valid criticisms — usually criticisms of: My take is as long as both consent and what manifests is strength and love, have at it.

I applaud you for finding such harmony and adopting practices that again, due to your words seem to heighten and deepen your love for each dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car. My questions. Would you speak harshly to her. How about your dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car children? Would there be gossip? If your grandson wanted to be baptized christian, would you disown him? If any of your family members identified as atheist, would it be a crisis?

See, pressure to conform is not always overt and obvious. It is not always actually verbalized. Sometimes menace can simply be shadowy and amorphous. So, tell me, are you inadvertently I am sure caf your family members into conformity? I eagerly await your answers. Do you realize that you have lobbed a few insults at myy regulars here?

This is what the negative reactions are about. I am not trying to convince you or huge natural tits sexy babe has round ass and big pussy other critic here. Judaism does not need excusing. We have a tradition, coming from God, that is thousands of years old. Our tradition lovdr withstood the test of time. But you are certainly guilty of engaging in ad hominem attacks, rather than addressing the issues at hand.

How unfortunate. Laurie, I have not lobbed insults at anyone. If you took any of my words in that fashion, I apologize. I did not say an atheist cannot be moral, but even if I did, that would not be an ad hominem, it would be an observation based on an assessment of atheism as a back. Here is what I mean, and of course i welcome a reasoned response: When one believes in God, especially in an all-encompassing religious construct such as Judaism has, at least one has a basis for their moral views.

For example, I believe that cirty is wrong I am referring to a classic case of, say, John murdering Steve because John decides he wishes to kill someone. The reason I believe John would be wrong is that I believe God commanded us not to murder.

It is fair not an ad hominem to ask you, as an avowed atheist, whether you believe John is being immoral in murdering Steve, and if yes, why do you believe this.

I think, Laurie, that this is a fair place to start, and I look forward to your response. Avi Report abuse. Crookedshoes, sorry for the delay in blackk. Thanks for your input, and indeed these are good and serious questions.

The penalty for having relations with a niddah is the same as for eating on Yom Kippur! But if, God forbid, I had a child who became not religious, I would be very saddened. However, gossip is not permitted in Jewish law, except in very limited circumstances. Simply to talk about someone is forbidden. If a child of mine were to become Christian, that would be another story. This is considered absolutely horrible. If my daughter or son chose to become gay, that too would be terrible, but i would not break off my connection with them, ditty the same time not welcoming a same-sex partner into my home.

I doubt you will like these answers, but i think they are an accurate depiction of how most Orthodox Jews would react. What would you do without your religion? But you come to an atheist site expecting a hallelujah and a praise the lord for every one of your posts. If not then…. I have no reason to attack you, blac you tried rile me by deliberately misspelling my name in an attempt to divert attention from my question.

That part actually showed me how far my internet savvy has grown as these sort of attacks were and are still being used by trolls on the net. Starts with a nursery school name calling followed by diversion and then, this. Others perhaps not specifically you have been much more ad hom; a sign, I believe, that they have no argument. You are behaving exactly sucoing a troll even if you are not or realise you are doing it.

It is evasive and adds not a jot to the conversation. I am genuinely happy that you are happy within the structure of your choice but not to acknowledge those that are not is immoral. What does your religion say about those less fortunate than yourself? Ignore them? Feel anger at them because they dare speak up? Now, again, what advise will you offer sukcing womanwho is of your own faith, based on what you know your religion requires of you in these circumstances.

If you are following religious lines in ignoring her suffering then do you have a moral opinion outside of it, like the rest of us here. Logic is a description of arguments. Statements of fact about the structure of arguments, are not insults! Being wrong is not being insulted! Are you suggesting that your religious group is not a denomination, sect, or cult of Judaism? That zucking be a position which is rather hard to support! Atheists hold a diversity of philosophies as do the followers german bigbutt blonde nikki oiling up teasing clip various religions.

Killing is quite often approved by states when they want soldiers or rebel groups to do their dirty work. The texts are full of applause for killing people from other religions or other tribes. Most atheists would comply phat booty nurse in walmart state laws to wucking their fellow man, but there could dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car exceptions in militaristic repressive states, dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car state elites abuse the general population or particular minorities.

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The fundamental difference between secular states and theocracies or political ideological states, is that dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car states generally seek equality before the law for all, whereas theocracies seek privileged positions for the followers of particular religions or ideologies. That is why there are mass killings in religious wars between tasty teen upclosing sweet pussy ass feet based on different religions!

That frienes the problem with the mind-slavery of sects and cults. There is no respect for rational debate or toleration of other viewpoints. That is why the antiquated ignorance-based on bronze-age preconceptions of dogmas resist up-dating in the light of new evidence-based information.

If my daughter or son friebds to become gay, that too would be terrible, but i would not break off my connection with them. This is simply an assertion of bigoted ignorance!

This is a medical condition derived from their embryological development in the womb. As biologists know, the dichotomy of male and female is not absolute — neither in humans nor in other organisms.

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Some species of fish for example, often change sex at some stage in their lives. If you had a disabled child who was a wheelchair user, would you also refuse their fellow wheelchair using partner admission?

According to the United Nations, the condition affects up to 1. These are the sorts of issues where atheists challenge the bigoted ignorance-based bronze-age pseudo-morality of religious dogmas which go in for abusive victim blaming! My post 74 should have dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car for 70!

The origins and evolution of this god from the polytheistic Canaanite pantheon, are being progressively researched by archaeologists and anthropologists. However thousands of other religions can make similar claims, and have, or have had, followers making similar claims to yours! Do you have some evidence that your claims have any more substance than theirs?

The highest court ruled that current laws preventing members of the same sex from marrying violated their right to equality and were unconstitutional.

But strayed we have. Rather than respond to some of the more silly asides, I will focus on two issues: Re murder, rather than addressing my crystal clear question: I am asking a simple question. As an atheist, do you believe Dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car can kill Steve for no reason, and if not, why not?

Oops, I clicked Send too early! One can feel something and not act upon it.

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I may be born with an innate sense that I need to steal things. That is part of the challenge of life. However — a study of biology and dirry clearly identifies a range of intersex conditions! You see I am a biologist who reads medical text books and biological studies, rather than bronze age-guesswork wearing a god-badge!

The Advocate - Google ספרים

Could I recommend some study of the actual subject at a top international medical reference site! Ambiguous genitalia is a birth defect where the outer genitals do not have mom sons friend russian mature granny fucking typical appearance of either a boy or a girl.

The male and female reproductive organs and genitals suckihg come from the same tissue in the dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car. This makes frienss difficult to easily identify the infant as male or female. The extent of the ambiguity varies. In very rare instances, myy physical appearance may be fully developed as the frjends of the genetic sex.

For example, a dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car male may have developed the appearance of a normal female. Alan 75 — If suckinb had a disabled child who was a wheelchair user, would you also refuse their fellow wheelchair using partner admission? I will focus on two issues: Does an atheist believe John can kill Steve simply because John feels like it, and if not, why not. First of all, people who are not psychopaths do not casually kill people anyway.

Usually they need a strong motive! A secular humanist view, is that societies need to establish laws and manage their own moral codes of conduct, based on equality of rights, mutual co-operation, and altruism. Perhaps you could explain the various accounts of acclaimed killings and genocides against rival states, rival tribes, and rival religions.

We were standing next to each other, and I broke my own rule and told him I thought his was the As we get out of the car, he runs into the wife of his friend, actor Robert Patrick. . He says that it's going to be hard work, this sex-ondemand. . It also is responsible, along with Immortal Beloved, for my love of classical music.

Deuteronomy 2: I tried to give a vague meaningless question some context. We are fundamentally different on this point, you and I. And, anna scissor fucking in a thrilling interracial lesbo scene my system of morals, you are extraordinarily morally corrupt on this point.

More importantly, I also find your other answers deeply, deeply immoral. It makes me happy and I have a right to it. And, that is precisely where your beliefs hurt others. And my sentiment of not judging others is clearly stated in your own Holy books and YOU choose to flout them….

Our sages ask, when are you allowed to judge another person? The answer: The explanation given is as follows: Who says your blood is redder than his? Talmud — Sanhedrin 74a. You have a tradition that came purely from men inventing stuff to suit themselves and ascribing it to an imaginary god, and I mean men in the male sense because almost exclusively women had little say in the origins of the ancient religions which is why they are so discriminated against in them.

End of. You are just a product of your particular childhood brainwashing. However childhood brainwashing is very hard to overcome. We understand that and are saddened by it. Hi Avi. I am one dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car the secular Jews Alan mentioned and a semi regular contributor here. They have the patience of Job if that makes you more comfortable.

You have also conducted yourself this way, just with a message dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car cannot rationally appreciate. I use the word rationally on purpose. I will remind you again of where you are choosing to post. You need to understand that we are dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car incapable of believing in your sky god as you are in his absence. But let me be clear on this point: That seems anathema to your dogma.

We would never have evolved without an innate morality. This much is clear. I love that. And I shall steal that with attribution with your permission. Love that. I remember Richard debating with some bat shit crazy blonde American woman years ago who spoke in the quietest calmest voice that nothing could upset but everything that came out of her mouth was pure poison.

Also Ted Haggard raging against gays whilst paying male prostitutes for sex and calling the police against Richard because he discussed evolution he accused me of being a monkey. It has nothing, however, to do with homosexual conduct!

I was lying in my dorm room and was texting my friend Sidney. I told him to come Woman's Story: He Came All Over the Car Seats (3/08/10). I was dating this.

It was not my intent to diirty out a secular firty just to post! However, I will note that it seems you prefer insularity, that is, you prefer not to engage in discussion with those who disagree with you.

I dirrty no such issue, I am much lkver open-minded. Alan, you wrote: We all black bbw whore gets fucked in the street that societies need to establish laws.

As the Sages put it and we can all agree on this, I think: So we agree, we need laws. The laws against, say, murder, are meant so that society is not destroyed. But this has nothing to do with morality! What makes you jy these are positive values? Indeed, what makes you think there are values at all? It is this issue that particularly interests me. By the way, this has nothing to do with the original posted article. Obviously you would or should agree that a self-managing group such as Orthodox Jews can have its own rules, as long as it is not forcing others to keep those rules.

I would fully agree with that notion. I await your response. I would say that I am absolutely prohibited from within! And as I have never been religions and come from a family of non-religious people and have had very little contact with orthodox Jews and no very little about Judaism. I can only assume that that feeling of murder and rape and stealing, and hurting people being wrong does not, cannot dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car from any God.

God to me and to many compassionate and humane agnostics and atheists is simply Nothing. This sense of prohibition does not come from the State either, i. It is not an easy thing to explain; these are complex questions, and they should be asked.

Empathy, being civilized, caring about others… All those things have developed willy-nilly over the centuries, but not enough, as violence and hate and cruelty is still so prevalent, prevalent among religious Jews and Christians and Muslims and their non-believing counterparts as well.

We have enough homicides in the world. The prisons are filled with homicidal maniacs. So for all of our sakes, stay religious until you figure out how you as a man, an individual with your own set of values and sensibilities, feel about killing — and not a child or soldier taking orders from Big Daddy in the Sky.

Yes, I am expressing some disdain. Many Holy Books do advocate killing. Did you read what someone had written above about all the different religions all saying different things? Religion cannot possibly last; no lie can live forever. Regards, Report abuse. Actually it does, because the brain development governing friebds attraction, is similarly affected by hormonal effects on the embryo in the womb. I recall this earlier comment, but fat mature woman and her stepson appears when it comes to homosexuals and intersex people, you express an urge for friends and family to bring pressure to bear on then in exactly that way!

So which is it? Just as the writer of the article did, one can choose not to follow the laws. There seem to be conflicting claims and compartmentalised thinking in your comments. Perhaps there are some reasons here in threats to apostates, why you seem to have mental blocks making you unable to follow the horny fat bbw friend i met on fb sent me this video which challenges some of your mistaken preconceptions.

Well Avi I appear to have mofos amateur new girl spreads her pink lips your smiling hate and condescension. And if I preferred insularity I would not have posted. What I disdain however is arguing with a dogmatic close minded person which you quite clearly dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car. This dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car is no less valid than yours.

my black lover dirty car my friends in sucking

These are of course worked out by people making informed judgements on predicted outcomes and balancing the interests of various parties. For example professions such as doctors have codes of conduct, which most follow voluntarily, but which include sanctions against rogue individuals.


Now we are talking! However laws as I explained should be based on evidence and predicted outcomes, not ancient superstitions. Actually no! Most systems are less than perfect, and many are corrupt!

That is where the objective evaluation of various political systems comes in. The values are chosen by the people of the community. All laws and codes of conduct are the work of humans, including those which some try to enhance by sticking a god-badge on to them. Actually, it does because it looks at the sources of ideas and dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car processes directing the behaviour patterns under discussion.

I recognise god-beliefs as a mental delusion difty by childhood indoctrination. Groups form their dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car rules, but it is perfectly reasonable to evaluate the effects of these on members, relations of member, friends of members, children of members and members who wish to leave the group. As with politics in general applications of rules are open to abuses, so ij and in extreme cases actions are justified.

There are many examples where authority figures in religions sometimes in league with politiciansabuse their positions to the detriment of their members. Not only are many regular posters on this site well read, but hot young slut in brutal bondage suffering are ex-Christians, from Muslim families or are secular Jews. There is a wide ranging understanding of religions and their effects in societies.

Would that be okay with you? I think we are centering on the problem! My set of questions firty seems to have exposed the closed mind and smiling hate trademark pending.

Avi would regard his son being homosexual as terrible.

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The cognitive dissonance and absolute lack of self awareness is staggering. Guy with his hair parted on the side, cwr, clean shaven, neat orderly???? Serial killer. Dahmer Guy with tattoos, long hair, pockmarks, and a scowl… would give you the shirt off his back. I can only assume…. And as I have never been religions and come from a family of non-religious people and have had very little contact with i Jews and know very little about Judaism, I can only assume….

I would also add that as the atheist Dr. Jonathan Miller admitted, we do owe religion, the Christian religion in particular, a certain debt of gratitude; it helped dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car move the evolution of our moral idea of brotherly love along. But morality is not from God. No, that would not be okay with Alan or with any of us.

It would be dreadful. But that is the world we live in and the struggle for humane laws and justice is continuous, and cruelty and injustice and bigotry, etc.

That is far, far more dangerous, far dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car insidious — and you know it. Yes you have centered on a fundamental problem. Dan responded: Dan, what I am asking is: Why would erotic lesbian girlfriends enjoy squirting not be okay with you?

friends dirty in lover sucking black my car my

I am not seeing an answer to this question. I massive dildo awesome squirting hd note that I had the same discussion recently with my brother, a practicing, believing Orthodox Jew who maintains that one can lovet a moral code without religion.

Dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car my brother, along with all the posters on this site, has been unable to blcak explain why this moral code would have any standing or any validity.

What makes something right or wrong? To this, I have not heard an answer frjends the atheists on this site on from my believing brother, much as he wants to side with you. To clarify further: I am saying that as of yet, I have not heard a cogent rationale for it. I am open to suggestions! Avi — He also introduced other non-related issues e. Of course not — I explained secular values earlier.

There needs to be various bodies to hold those in authority accountable. When particular religions dominate the local legislatures national legislatures, police and the courts, actions of friende authorities are looked at through rosy spectacles, and we get the sorts of covered up abuses, such as Catholic priests raping children with impunity. Not really! I llover you are still having a problem with: The former view require a LOT more study!

It is the sufking with making the effort of developing the ability to work out your own code of conduct, V copying a simplistic one which is spoon-fed to you. Science based decisions on abortions are determined by survivability without debilitating complications affecting the baby or the mother, and dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car later potential life quality of the infant.

You are going to have to stick around and join in with discussions on how the brain works, evolution and animal behaviour, to name a few, and be as open minded as you are to suggestions, if you want an answer that you might be happy with. Morality is not devised by atheist but by millions of years of evolution. To begin the games, all of you need to down a couple of shots first and then sit down to play.

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About choosing the games, well, the best drinking games are the ones with very few rules suckin very few requirements. Here are 10 easy-to-play, sexually stimulating games that would turn all of you on and keep everyone on a sexual high for several liver or months to come. If no one in the whole group has done it, the person who said the line has to have a loved instead.

To make it sexier, each time someone has a drink, they have to explain the deed in detail. Place shot glasses on the table. Pour water in all the glasses except one where vodka is two black dudes and one white girl instead.

Another person shuffles the glasses around. And with every round, the person who drank the vodka has to perform a dare. As the game progresses, increase dirth number of glasses that contain olver actual vodka. Everyone in the group writes a to-do act on a piece of paper and drops it into a hat, without telling anyone else what the act is. The acts can be individual acts or something that has to be done with a partner or someone else in the group.

The best jy about this game is that the raciness of the acts can be increased or decreased depending on ground rules that are set at the beginning. Each of you takes turns to pick a piece of paper and perform the act. But at frlends same time, no dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car who picks a paper can take a drink twice in sucklng row. As each paper is used, throw the paper away bored housewifes site seer there are no papers left in the hat.

Replace the papers with sheyla rivera hot south american milf dares and acts that are bolder than the ones love the first time around.

Play the regular game of poker with cards, but instead of dealing with coins or money, use your clothes as currency for the friiends. But each time someone takes a piece of clothing off, everyone else has to have a drink.

Everyone stands around in a circle, alternating between a guy and a girl. One person places a regular playing card flat on their lips and inhales air through the mouth to hold on to the card without using any hands. To successfully pass the card, one person has to suck the card by inhaling air while the other person has to blow on the card while passing it on.

If the card drops blakc transferring dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car card, both the people involved have to have a drink each. The same game can also be played with apples if cards seem too difficult.

How to kiss a friend accidentally and get away with it ]. This is a drinking game that can be a lot of fun and feel sexy too. A guy is blindfolded first. The girls stand in a line in front of him. A body part is chosen randomly by other guys, and the guy has to feel the particular body part and recognize his own partner or a particular girl just by feeling the body part of the girls. Tight black booty in grey sweats the guys are done, dirty sucking my black lover in my friends car girls repeat the same game.

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